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The basic idea of ​​this exhibition "Soulscape" is an idea very opposite to the obvious landscape, sea motif or existing objects in nature that can be visually seen or perceived by our senses. Although the motifs of abstract scenes are present, the sensory experience is tied to the inner emotion of author Danijela Knežević.
"Soulscape" is a term related to the conscience, inner feeling or idea of ​​intellectual reflection about the purity of creation that contains both personal and universal beauty. The process of creating works is a challenge, also a process of approaching, enlightening and completely surrendering the artist's soul in order to transfer personal affirmations to the substrate. As a tool, he uses expressive strokes and a bright palette of complementary tones, and what is emphasized is the texture of the base and strokes.
Abstract paintings evoke atmosphere – sometimes hinting at landscape, still life or figuration – through an exploration of form, gesture, color and surface. The legacy of expressionism is evident in Daniela's painting language. The process of layering includes the character of the substrate, as a surface on which a lyrical collision of shapes, colors and textures is created. In her new cycle, Daniela's works move into the domain of emotional response to the given charm, which encourages the audience to interactively participate in the installation. Her recognizable palette of pastel, understated tones is present in several works, which maintains continuity and balance, while we see the novelty of the development of artistic expression in fierce orange and red tones that symbolize the warmth of the place where the author's "soul found its refuge".