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The exhibition "SHUT UP" is a tribute to a disc of the 80 Frank Zappa, which was titled "Shut up and play yer guitar ", a vast anthology of instrumental pieces in which the great American musician and composer is in fact, he limited himself to playing his guitar wonderfully without adding anything else. The exhibition is presented as a collection of paintings without a theme or subject, whose only characteristic is that of wanting to speak only of painting, in the most lyrical and self-referential sense possible. The punctiform elements of the pictorial surfaces they allude to the modes of visibility of reality, be it described through technological languages, such as an example the pixels, both through the physiological one of the human eye, and their evident similarities. The retina hosts the cells that allow us to distinguish colors and movement, cones and rods, which they transmit through the optic nerve all the information that the brain transforms into the images we see. The 2016 series of cards are made with oil painting on sheets of paper perforated in Braille code, the alphabet tactile for the blind. In this case, the point-like elements transmit only to those who are able to decode them, linguistic information, images, and language. To us, we cannot read this code but we are in able to see the painting, they transmit only a different sense of blindness, of incapacity to know.



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