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You are cordially invited to the opening of the exhibition "semper endavant" that will take place on the 5th May from 7:00 p.m. @ The Flat Gallery

Prince Square, 11Mahon, Menorca
Balearic Islands

Born in Barcelona in 1973. Paco has developed his career over 25 years as an Art Director in four countries, Spain, Mexico, the United States and Puerto Rico. 

He has exhibited his work in Barcelona, Menorca and Mexico. During his professional development he has accumulated numerous international awards to his career including the Golden Lion at Cannes.

In an innocent look at life we realize that it is not perfect, sometimes it breaks, breaks or twists. Whenever we encounter an event that takes us out of our comfort zone, the universe gives us the tools to be able to move on. The present is a gift, that's why it's called the "PRESENT” and sometimes it does not come packaged in the way we would like. In a naive way, my concept or tool is stairs. The staircase is an artefact (made with art) that allows us to reach a level that we normally cannot reach. The ladder represents that opportunity, that window of hope, not only material or physical, but also emotionally and spiritually. Every time life presents you with a ladder, it can be anywhere, a staircase can be a phone call from your brother, a tender kiss at noon or a loan from a friend. The question is to be able to identify those stairs and realize that we can always go up and move on.

Sempre Endavant

Ni soledat no m'ha vençut ni rencors. No m'he aturat a mirar-me cap ferida que

encara hi ha pedres de colors a la platja de la meva vida.

Poem by my Granfarther, Lluis Marcó i Dachs.


Always Ahead

Neither loneliness nor rancor have defeated me. I have not stopped to look at any

hurt that there are still coloured stones on the beach of my life.

Poem by my grandfather, Luis Marcó i Dachs.

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