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Galerie Kunstzürichsüd is happy to announce the ehixibiton 'Retrospective', opening on the 2nd of November and being hekd until the 25th of November in Zurich, Switzerland. The exhibition will be showing works by Irène Gärtner and Markus Bhend.

Irène Gärtner is an artist based in Switzerland whose works have been exhibited internationally, as well as in Italy, the United Kingdom, Paris, Munich etc. Through her paintings, she explores varying themes which include nature, lost places, morbid and weathered facades. Gärtner`s compositions also contain traces that point to a „ mysterious underground“. Continuously experimenting with a wide range of materials, her compositions feature diverse textures and are sometimes amalgamated into unified geometric forms. At first glance, her art has an aesthetic effect on the viewer. If you look closely, little secrets and messages are hidden in the complex structures. Her paintings should be in dialogue and balance with colour and light, bright and dark, spaces and surfaces, work and viewer.