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The celebrations of the 50 years of the Museum begin of Modern Art of Cartagena with two contemporary art exhibitions. In 1972, long before other latitudes, Cartagena gestated its museum of modern art with an exquisite collection selected by José Gómez Sicre and donated by the OAS for this purpose. A pleiad of pieces finds one of Obregon's first condors, among others. A museum that is a memory of Latin American art and heritage Cartagena, a museum located in the Plaza San Pedro Claver that in 2022 celebrates this anniversary with the inauguration of two contemporary art exhibitions, conceived and gestated within the framework of confinement and communicating messages positive to continue advancing on the path of this new stage of the the humanity that we have to face. “Esperanza, Fortaleza y Resiliencia”, a collective exhibition of photography and painting that stimulates sensitivity from an aesthetic and a pleasant message in the face of the new remains, in light of the talent of the Cartagena-based photographer María Paulina Lleras, the painting of Paola López-Guerra (Colombian living in Spain) and Clara Mejía, an Antioquia painter with a long career; aesthetic triptych that is a pleasure to the senses. All this with the visionary support of the MAMC and the Friends of the MAMC, the curated by María del Pilar Rodríguez Saumet, Salim's museography Osta Lefranc, the assembly of the Conservar Group, and the infinite support and sponsorship of the galleries RA and AH Fine Art.


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