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"Outside In,” aims to analyse the self using the external environment and its impact on the self. To Shava, this body of work represents the salvation of his sanity; a visual manifestation of his struggle to grapple with the loss of friends, lovers and the subsequent and seemingly ever-present loneliness that accompanied.

This particular body of work invokes a sense of familiarity in subject matter as it parallels Shava’s conscious and subconscious day-to-day life. The stark contrast between the dark nature of storytelling and bright colour palette reflect the psychological strife Shava experiences through these profound moments in time. Within the layers of his work, Ryan is able to capture the essence of a sort of frighteningly beautiful dream-reality.

This collection of work exposes the erratic and destructive nature of Ryan’s state of mind whilst navigating states of chaos and calm: a consistent juxtaposition between mania and sanity. “Outside In,” is the universe wherein the lines of Shava’s reality and fantasy blend and blur into the perfect synthesis of holding on and then letting go.

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