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UNA is pleased to announce its collaboration with Sabot gallery from Cluj-Napoca and to present Once More into the Grey, a group exhibition which includes artworks by Răzvan Botiș, Radu Comșa, Camilia Filipov, Nona Inescu, Alex Mirutziu, Vlad Nancă.

The exhibition, specially conceived by Sabot for the space of UNA, features a selection of black and white artworks only by Romanian artists -  an allusion to the state of the (art) world today and, at the same time, to the famous Cluj "grey school of painting”. Nonetheless, not only paintings are on display, the exhibition is  conceived as a colorless dialogue between several rather mysterious works – sculpture, photography, installation...

SABOT gallery has been founded by Daria D. Pervain and Marcel Janco at the beginning of 2009 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, as an attempt to verify the raison d'être of a gallery in the third millennium. Hidden relationships, longtime friendships, communality, fictional identities and situations blurring the barrier between public and domestic — these are the main, statutory highlights of SABOT. A laboratory, an incubator, a research tentacle, the gallery acts equally as a curator, a producer, and a habitat. 
Since its debut, SABOT has co-founded two art centers in Cluj-Napoca - The Paintbrush Factory, in 2009, and Centrul de Interes, at the beginning of 2017 - hugely contributing to the development of the Romanian contemporary art scene. Until 2018, the gallery has participated in more than 30 international art fairs – from Artissima or ARCOmadrid, to LISTE, Paris Internationale and NADA Miami, to name just a few. 

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