Govedarou Art Gallery presents the group art exhibition entitled: "NIKOS KAZANTZAKIS: ASCETIC", curated by the Art Historian EKPA, MA Journalist and Member of AICA Greece, Nikolena Kalaitzaki.

The Art Historian and Curator, Nikolena Kalaitzaki, hereby notes:"I audaciously unfold my little narrative, giving space to the thought to let the heart dance to the bloody, deep red, but even more free rhythms of an eternal ASCETIC, written in 1922 with ink. Joy and sorrow or sweet sorrow (?), life and death or something beyond (?). Abyss, perishable soul and non-perishable body or vice versa(?). The unsolved enigma and the dreams that even if they cry do not dry out; they seek to confront carnal demons and imaginary gods, fulfil and be fulfilled with majestic, disobedient offspring of a wonderful and invulnerable superman; the background is dominated by the inexhaustible light and the blue horizon.      

It is said that people never forget those who speak the truth in their hearts and Nikos Kazantzakis, the charismatic thinker, inspirational and tireless writer, internationally recognized for his valuable work is undoubtedly one of those unforgettable persons that we proudly and awely recognize as our own people, as we are blown away by the momentum of his mental warmth and superiority that stays here forever and accompanies our starlit passage. 

// WE COME from a dark abyss, we end in a dark abyss, and we call the luminous interval life. As soon as we are born the return begins, at once the setting forth and the coming back; we die in every moment. Because of this many have cried out: The goal of life is death! But as soon as we are born we begin the struggle to create, to compose, to turn matter into life; we are born in every moment. Because of this many have cried out: The goal of ephemeral life is immortality.

(Nikos Kazantzakis, extract from “Ascetic”) //".

Participant Artists:

Eleni Arvanitaki • Efthymis Argyratos • Kostis Atsalis • Stella Varna • Efi Verikiou • Maria Vlaserou • Evita Voudouri • Alexandros Voutsas • Eirini Georgopoulou • Silia Giakamozi • Skevi Giapani • Veroniki Damianidou • Faidra Englezou • Maria Zisi • Vasiliki Karampampa • Stella Koza • Kostas Kounalis • Lina Kountouraki • Dimitris Lapousis • Thanos Liakos • Ntorina Malliou • Antonia Mantzouka • Thetis Marianou • Stavroula Mitsakou • Aliki Michailidou • Eirini Monommatou • Chrysa Bezirgiannidou • Giota Bouza • Konstantina Ntziavou • Themistoklis Papapanagiotou • Vangelis Pappas • Tzeni Petropoulou • Eleftheria Rapanaki • Michalis Sismanidis • Irida Spinoula • Nikolas Fotiadis • Maria Chalkia • Katerina Chatzi • Elli Chousou

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