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Artist from Greece, Michailidou Nina was born and lives in Thessaloniki. She has graduated from School of Fine Arts and Art Sciences of University of Ioannina, with an Erasmus+ scholarship in Spain. She continued to expand her knowledge with studies in Interior Design and exhibition curation.
Also, she is a member of Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece and participates frequently in seminars and as a volunteer in artistic institutions such as Open House.
She deals with various art forms, such as painting, engraving and photography.
Nina has created a series of artworks with geometric character forms and a wide range of lights and shadows, which deal with the concepts of memory and decay.  She mainly chooses to depict urban landscapes and gas masks from World Wars I & II.

Urban Landscapes / Buildings

Nina is mainly inspired by urban landscapes of her own photographs and depicts them in a large scale, using charcoal and brown or white paper as a base.
In every artwork viewers can find a large range of textures, geometric forms, shadows and lights, as well as many secret details of the buildings and all the hidden stories that they enigmatic hides.

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