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A collaborative exhibition by David Shillinglaw and Lily Mixe

This exhibition is a dance between two artists, a hybrid of styles and personalities. Sharing a home and studio, tools and techniques, this show gathers together separate and collaborative pieces made over the last few years. The works correspond and contradict each other, sharing themes and ideas. Meet Me in the Garden is an opportunity for these two artists to create a middle ground, an organic place for things to grow.

From window boxes to hothouses, humans love to explore and tend a garden and always have done. A garden demands your love and attention. Nurturing it is a labour of love and at times a battle. Planet Earth is a garden and we are somewhere between the gardeners and the insects.

Meet Me in the Garden invites visitors to immerse themselves in this unique environment, the fruit of the combined imaginations of these two outstanding contemporary artists.

David Shillinglaw is known for his works exploring human nature, success and failure, and the language people use to describe their experiences. David’s practice shifts between the street and studio using a variety of materials and mediums, creating work that ranges from drawings and collages to large-scale murals and installations. He has exhibited and produced murals and installations worldwide, including in New York, London, Lisbon, Vienna and Hamburg.

Lily Mixe is a French artist currently living and working in the UK. At the centre of Lily’s work is the natural world. The subjects are otherworldly, aliens from our own planet. Lily studies species that live alongside us and are often overlooked, creations that offer reminders of how beautiful and complex life on Earth can be. Lily labours over each detail, glorifying their forms, patterns and structures, attempting to capture their majesty by meditating upon their beauty and evolution. The works shift from found objects and drawn and painted surfaces to installation and paste-ups in the street. Lily’s solo show Butterfly Effect ran at Saatchi Gallery in London in late 2022 and she has produced solo or collaborative murals in London, Barcelona, New York, Paris and Hamburg.

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