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Luca Giovagnoli paints these interpersonal relationships just as an analyst would, with a touch of Freud, Lacan and Cooper hiding in the background. His families and lead characters become almost conceptual like memories frozen in a photo album of figures in the pursuit of happiness. Luca Giovagnoli paints his characters as a silent spectator would during a family therapy session. Giovagnoli skillfully mixes Oedipus complexes with Peter Pan syndromes, joyful and nonchalant sequences of childhood memories and mother figures reminiscent of scenes from Visconti’s film “Conversation Piece”. Needless to say there is always another story behind what we see at first glance, just as they teach us in a psychology textbook. Are his super heroes fathers or children? How many secrets are concealed while posing for a family picture at a wedding? What is really going on behind the doors of seemingly bored daughters in their comfortable pink bedrooms? These paintings attract us because of their simplicity and their nostalgic vibe. How can we not fall in love with his adorable pandas or his giant stuffed bears? It is the viewer that decides wether the paintings are seductive, disturbing, fun or reassuring.

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