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“Lido Rico. Exiled Paradises ”is a project presenting three exhibitions in the departments of Kaunas Vincas Kudirka Public Library: the exhibition “Švenčiausioji / Santísima” will be exhibited in Laisvės Alley 57 until June 26, "Sisyphus" at the Berželis Library  and "Drawings" at Šilainiai branches until July 31. Project curator Ina Mindiuz, organization Mindiuz Art Gallery.

Lidó Rico (b. Murcia, 1968) uses matter as language as a means of reflection in his sculptural installations. To this he adapts his body, distinguishing the face as a form of creation. In this way, L. Rico develops concepts of the body, space, and the natures that arise between them. The main theme of this artist's work is man. L. Rico, the creator of history-evoking images, makes no secret of the need for modern man to rebel, and he reveals this in his work.

The project is supported by the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Murcia and the Bodegas Luzón (Spain).


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