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Valery Katsuba's photographic series "Morning" represents the epicurean moment par excellence, of concentration, of cures and dedication to oneself in the early hour, in contrast and in front of the vertiginous and accelerated exposure of time, expected until twilight. An instant, the dawn, of intimacy and preservation from public scrutiny, of self-knowledge and introspection, of becoming aware of one's own body.

In the series formed by sixteen analogical photographs, different cities and continental cultures (London, New York, St. Petersburg, Mallorca, Santiago de Chile, Mexico City, etc.) are shown, evoking journeys through their bodily and contextual architectures. Their readings and interpretations allow for the construction of cinematographic tours, from scenographies in the rooms of houses with classical furnishings that commune with linear lines in dialogue, with folds of half-open gowns and fabrics that envelop their compositions dancing on the half-naked bodies of their solitary protagonists; to submerging them in detail and without modesty in the personal objects of the most private, humble and intimate bedrooms...


This show forms part of Festival OFF PHotoEspaña 2023.

Curated by: Sebastià Mascaró

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