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Ivan Moudov thrives on taking risks and pushing boundaries. His latest body of work, created after sustaining multiple injuries from kitesurfing, is a balance between his physical resilience and creative spirit. Moudov has taken his damaged kites and transformed them into a series of 25 vibrant paintings and collages that capture the energy and motion of the sport and the fragility of the human body.

The works on display in his solo exhibition at One Gallery are a visual representation of Moudov's inclination to turn adversity into art. Each piece features unique patterns and textures, created using the kites' torn and frayed fabric. The colors beneath are bold and bright, with a sense of movement and dynamism that echoes the adrenaline-fueled rush of kitesurfing. They are subdued by a transparent layer of white fabric, giving them a certain milky nuance and offering a mysteriously healing output. The works range in size and scale, from small, intimate collages to larger, more expansive paintings. 

The exhibition will only be on display for a few short hours, as Moudov plans to take it down and create a completely new show during the inauguration. This act of creative destruction reflects the artist's willingness to embrace change and take risks in pursuit of his artistic vision.

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