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It’s never one thing.
Our emotions, environments and personal factors influence how we interact with different experiences. As an artist, I reflect on the complexities of life through various materials and approaches. "It's never one thing" observes the ever-changing process of life.

Born in Nassau, Bahamas in 1988, Deime' Ubani's heritage is a mix of Bahamian, Barbadian, and Nigerian. This diverse background influenced her love for using art to capture memories, cultural heritage, and generational legacy. During her early years, Deime' was drawn to abstract art.
Deime's artwork has been featured in various exhibitions, including those hosted by The D'Aguilar Art Foundation, The Central Bank of The Bahamas, the Salus Project, and the SeeMe Art Takes Times Square art show in 2013. Her pieces were also selected to be a part of the interior design of the Baha Mar resort in the nation's capital in June of 2014. You can view some of her past works on Ubani Artworks on social media platforms.
Deime' continues to reside and work in Nassau, Bahamas, where she draws inspiration from her home, both past and present.