Indeed, the body is the temple. At least for a good part of humanity that lives love intensely and enjoys the realization of eroticism. And of the artists who recreate it in their works, such as Luis Miguel Rivero. Decidedly, without euphemisms, without fuss. Rivero's figurations place the female body at the center of attention, offering a stylized view of the bodily “landscape”, or suggesting the motivations and impulses of the game of love.

There is here an interesting and successful stylistic confluence, the artist goes from a certainly impressionistic evocation —obvious in the nature of the brushstrokes— to certain expressionist hints in the palette or in the attitude of the poses. The realism of the scenes falters before the oneiric vision proposed by the creator.

Some viewers may find these nudes too explicit, some will even consider them pornographic. But that is a distortion of the concept: what is explicit is not always pornographic. Pornography implies a lack of aesthetic and conceptual sense. Not the case, obviously.


- Yuris Nórido. Cuban art critic.

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