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We are thrilled to introduce 'Fragile Words,' a new art exhibition showcasing the compelling works of the talented artist Sedef Gali. This exhibition marks a significant milestone in Sedef Gali's artistic journey, offering a fresh perspective on her distinctive style. We invite art you to join us in exploring the captivating world of Sedef Gali's art, where each brushstroke and composition unveils new dimensions of creativity and imagination. This exhibition encourages contemplation on the diverse facets of life, celebrating the emotions we often keep hidden, and invites viewers to engage with the ever-evolving narrative of Sedef Gali's art."  

"Swimming in iridescent falling waters lit by the neon sun, writing love letters from my lands to love lands." 

Sedef Gali's work sheds light on different socio-cultural eras and builds a bridge between contrasting cultures, clashing personalities and breaking the rules of the unknown to create what she describes as 'suger-coated chaos'. Gali's main subjects consists of supressed emotions, lust, sexism, geender issues, seelf love, and accumulation of emotions masked and frowned upon by our cultural surroundings and society.

Using a combination of oil on canvas and medium tricks / illusions supported with food dye, nail polish, oil based mediums, alcohol and self made powdered pigments, Gali celebrates the emotional accumulation she has gathered in "lands of the unkown", conveying what we normally suppress both in our heart and in the mind.

Exhibited artworks

Private Chatter

178 x 188 x 5 cm

6633,00 €

The Fall

200 x 105 x 1 cm

6909,00 €

Child Play

270 x 105 x 1 cm

6909,00 €

The Sun Inside

215 x 266 x 3 cm

18423,00 €

Drifting Thru You

173 x 170 x 3 cm

6909,00 €


90 x 160 x 3 cm

5527,00 €

Soul Tropico

61 x 61 x 2 cm

1843,00 €