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Born in 1974 in Caracas, Venezuela, Flaca came to Germany at the age of 10.

Flaca uses her art to advocate the emancipation of women, liberality, tolerance and the free disposal of one's own body. Over the years, she has acquired a high reputation in the German art scene and has realised around 70 exhibitions in the last 10 years. Flaca shapes her own path and is a pioneer, even an icon!

This petite person has dedicated herself to the beauty of the female with all its controversies, rough edges.

Sometimes it is the edges that play the leading role, other times, the eternally alluring woman who encourages love. Still other times, the play with stereotypes, but then also games of eroticism, peppered with symbols and always in that unmistakable way typical of her.... always enchanting!

Religious conventions and a rigid role model of women, like a tightly knotted corset, may have been points of friction that generated this irrepressible creative energy in Flaca.

Let yourself be seduced by the "Savage Beauty", the wild beauty and the guest contribution of the Swiss sculptor FOS.

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Duration 14 April to 5 May 2023

Translated with DeepL

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