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It all takes place against the backdrop of a calm sea. There is always somebody coming into the field of view: a girl with a yellow t-shirt, a boy with a bluish air mattress obstructing the horizon and the sea... I'm waiting for him to walk away. There is no wind at all. Serenity, or is it just a trick?

The objects on the beaches keep making me question the calm and so it becomes intertwined with tension. I try to document these objects and they keep reappearing within the beach landscape. One of them is the red flag next to the lifeguard station, which seems to warn that swimming is strictly forbidden, but the sea is completely calm. Nothing moves until the horizon line, except for a few ephemeral objects.

When searching for motifs for my paintings I try to compare in my mind the objects I have seen with other objects, surroundings and events. In this way, the paintings create places that cannot be visited, since their precise location is impossible to determine.  A new space is created that does not exist in reality. People passing by and objects become part of a cultural, rather than natural,  landscape.

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