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The exhibition “#Faces” shows a series of portraits of observed contemporary African identities from different perspectives. #Faces is on view from February 9 till March 25 at OpenArtExchange in Schiedam.

About #Faces

For #Faces we have selected a great group of artists, consisting of different generations with ages ranging between 24 and 82, originating from 4 different African countries, partly living in diaspora in Europe (France/DR Congo, Portugal/Angola, Benin, Nigeria,) and one artist from the Netherlands, all presenting their latest work. As such, they encompass fresh views from people living within African societies, people having lived in both African and European contexts and people living in Europe. That results in a colorful gallery of portraits full of hope and energy, created with quite different materials ranging from various painting styles, mixed media works with nails on plywood, mixed media works with painting and collage with photography to glazed ceramics.


Participating artists:

Klaashenk Blonk (1947, Netherlands)

Casca (1976, Portugal/Angola)

Gabriel Jideonwor (1991, Nigeria)

Jonathan Vatunga (1996, France/DR Congo)

Syl Loko (1996, Benin)

Exhibited artists

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