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In today's world people have little time to sit still and enjoy the freedom of unwinding. Considering our socially interconnected world, it may seem unnecessary, superfluous or even a waste of time. But the art of doing nothing is becoming part of our distant past and could be interpreted as laziness or antisocial. But time for yourself is just as important as time with other people. 

In this series 'Escapes' each image has been captured and selected to allow the viewer to embrace stillness, an excuse for respite, to take a breather and enjoy a moment of escape. Think of it as a personal invitation to that moment the photograph was made.

Many of the photographs in this series are long exposures, which Anthony has always liked, due to the ethereal qualities these images can produce. But they also give him time to reflect, as many exposures can take up to two to four minutes. This time allows him to remove thoughts of daily mundanity and to fully appreciate, experience, and digest the details of the landscape he's photographing. Anthony explains, "While in the field, there can be conflict between experiencing full embodiment within the landscape and compositional exploration. Extended exposure times allow me to freeze time through slower shutter speeds, which conversely gives me more time to absorb the spirit and character of the landscape.”

Anthony's dedication to his craft and exploration of different emotions of a place, allow him to capture and convey the profound beauty and emotion that exist in the world. By studying the interplay of light, shadow, colour, and composition, he creates captivating images that transcend the ordinary. Anthony not only invites others to experience the world alongside him, but also takes them on a journey to see the world through his own unique perspective.

Anthony's idyllic objective is to awaken a sense of wonder, awe, or even melancholy, reminding us of the vast array of emotions and experiences that decipher us all as human beings. The art of stillness is becoming a luxury, but a luxury that costs nothing, only time. Let's take a moment and escape into the mind and the artistic vision of Anthony Lamb.