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After various exhibitions dedicated to iconic modern and contemporary Greek artists like Pavlos Dionyssopoulos, Vaso Katraki, Christos Kapralos, Vassilis Skylakos, George Zongolopoulos and Giannis Michas, Roma Gallery continues its radical programming with the goal of shedding light on the historical figures that shaped Greece’s avant-garde scene. Roma Gallery proudly presents the oeuvre of artist Danil Panagopoulos (1924-2008) in the monographic exhibition Danil: light, physics & metaphysics, divided into two instalments – Part I: Youth and Part II: Maturity. The exhibition’s curator, Dr. Manos Stefanidis, notes: ‘Danil remains the unexplored enigma of the ‘60s generation, similar to how Diamantis Diamantopoulos is considered the enigmatic artist of the ‘30s’.