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If asked what is the element that most clearly distinguishes man from animals we would answer almost automatically "reason". How to blame us? Thought is what has made us evolve from the dawn of time. The fire, the lance, the wheel, and then the cars, the computers, the slicers, not to mention nuclear weapons and an electric toothbrush. Everything from the ignition of the so-called "light bulb" in our mind. Except that the energetic exploitation of our ideas went far beyond the capacity of the electrical resistance inherent in our mind. The Idea of ​​progress that has been so useful to us in these centuries, from a certain moment onwards began to coincide with that of accumulation.

The site-specific project that Alessandro Di Vicino Gaudio will open on November 28th at the Floris Art Gallery, represents for the artist a moment of re-elaboration of social criticism carried out since 2015. The condemnation of the massed society has always been promoted by Gaudio through an intersection of the media closer to it: video and street art. In the project developed for the home gallery, the artist's multi-media paintings bear a further meaning, spontaneous as well as pro-positive. Acrylic and monitors with which the artist has always worked are now added pastel and 3D prints that promote an ecological, empathic and collective Idea of ​​man and his relationship with the world.

The exhibition is accompanied by a narrative text by Bianca Basile and is opened to visitors until February 1st 2020 (by appointment).

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