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Oils in pastel shades and escape from the two-dimensional form of the painting become the means by which the artist Maria Zisi bridges the art with the experiences of the modern woman. It is essentially a technical escape that works as a transition from painting to canvas to microsculpture. Maria Zisi's works tend to become autonomous from the design in its original form and acquire a relief tendency, animating the core of the canvas, a nucleus that escapes from the image and becomes a three-dimensional representation. In their final form, the oils compose small reliefs on the verge of self-sufficiency, with a tendency towards freedom as unique art forms, but always united with their source, the clear "calm" of their canvas. The two-dimensional surface of the canvas with the three-dimensional micro-sculptures interact in two directions and compose a multifaceted whole. The evolution of the form of the work follows and is followed by another flow, that of everyday life. The female existence in transition, the life of the woman of all ages in the flowing daily life, motherhood and the inner, timeless reality are the artistic references of the visual artist in the collection of works Aspects of woman and water. Fragments of a reality, women flowing in time, in the past and in the present. Women flowing like water, which are a field of reflection for women as an archetype of every rebirth and transformation. Water is there from the beginning of human life, which gives birth and regenerates, ¬ gives life and liberates. In the Bathtubs the water becomes a passage - a mirror, a confrontation only with oneself. In that private space of the bathroom, the isolation of emotion is sought, with the water sometimes covering and sometimes interpreting the micro-sculptures moments of constant intercourse. Thus, we would say that the interactive relationship of the works is built even as another conceivable mosaic, of tiles - moments, pieces of a woman's time in the present, scenes of everyday life, scenes of inner life. The motherly love and responsibility that the mother bears as the creator of a safe and solid peaceful environment for the family, the joy, the loneliness, the love and companionship, the old age, the phobias for the future, the insecurity, the power, the loss, freedom and redefinition are interactively linked and highlight the multidimensional landscape of human existence.

Maria Kirgiafini

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