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Simon Kozhin - Spring Gardens

Art Voyage Gallery is pleased to present a selection of the artist's works dedicated to early spring and blooming gardens. The master of plein air painting praises in his works the breathtaking beauty of nature waking up after winter's sleeping.

In our selection, you will also find motifs of early spring, when the first green just touched the ground. As well as the romance and lush blooming of garden trees.

The artist mostly works in nature and paints his artworks in the plein-air. Simon Kozhin, following the principles of Impressionism, masterfully captures the mood of nature at a given moment. His experience helps him to create light, breathy, but very realistic works.

Simon Kozhin is rightly considered a master of landscape painting.

Contact Art Voyage Gallery to purchase available paintings: info@scienceartstudio.com or ask Kooness for assistance.

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