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Another year is slowly coming to an end. Concerts, art and culture finally brought us a bit closer to the long-awaited normalcy. And because of the long closings, the hunger for art is great! Museums and galleries are looking forward to visitors again and the streets are filled with people who yearn for cultural input.
Unfortunately, many people are less motivated to leave the house now that the days are getting shorter and shorter and the temperatures are falling. Winter is looming and with it a well-known melancholy creeps in. Dreams of vacation, warmth and the lake are now part of the attempt to bridge the cold season. But what inspires dreams more than art? It can inspire but especially it can bring joy. So how about if there was a solution to be permanently surrounded by art regardless of the weather?All you have to do is bring it home. Hanged or set up there on the wall, you can look at them day in and day out. The idea of buying art sounds unthinkable to most, because it is often associated with investing a lot of money. But it doesn’t have to be that way!
The AffordableAnna25 exhibition makes it possible to acquire art for a reasonable and affordable price. Eight artists exhibit their works together in order to make it affordable for any art possession. The prices are kept within a range of 500 – 2000 euros.
So it is the perfect opportunity to invest small amounts in art and bring it into your own possession. Whether the work is the latest addition to an existing collection or is simply intended to beautify your own four walls is up to you. Another event must not be forgotten, which is getting closer and closer with the falling temperatures. From December 1st at the latest, many people start to feel perplexed every year about how to make their loved ones happy for Christmas. The little treasures are extremely suitable for this. Maybe memories of shared experiences are awakened or particularly beautiful moments can be associated with one of the works.
Of course, tastes differ, but with the wide selection of artists there is sure to be something for everyone. AffordableAnna25 not only brings together art that offers a look back at last year’s exhibitions, but also shows a preview of what the gallery has in store for 2022. This year there was already the opportunity to look at the socially critical works of Pham Thai Ho or the works of the Irish artist George Warren, who this time is represented with various bronze statues. But works by artists that will not be exhibited until next year already give a first foretaste of what the future has in store. For example, the artist Jazoo Yang with her resin cast works or Irmi Obermeyer, who shows a selection of her abstract works.
There is a very wide range of art to discover. In the text only a part of the artists was mentioned, from whom there is the possibility to acquire a little piece of joy. Whether you do this for yourself or for someone else is up to you.