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"In the painting process, I narrate negative personal experiences to bring them back to memory and then cancel them. I operate in a caustic manner and a sarcastic mood creating allegorical narratives that allow me to accept them. I see the whole process as a kind of personal diary made with images and objects so I can publicize and expose it to a broader audience. I become a director and narrate my parody, starring objects, images/symbols, among them, occasionally, and my image as equal to that of a cigarette, a cactus, or a toilet. The layout of the paintings on paper works like diary pages, the viewer can read in the order they want to interpret in their way and make their narratives. In the space, together with the paintings, “transformed” objects coexist."

George Georgiou was born in 1997 he has graduated the school of fine arts in Thessaloniki.

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