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Single piece Signed Dated



100 x 120 x 4.5 cm
39.37 x 47 x 1.77 in







Oil on canvas

, Germany

„Ruins, empty industrial constructions, closed leisure parks. The public space which the painter Willem Julius Müller chooses as a main motive for his canvas work was not held since longer time any more In good condition. On asphalt and concrete weed condenses, overgrown hedges occupy the picture space. People are not to be seen in the pictures, main events are only the unstoppable process of a spreading out vegetation. A nature whose wild wax can be understood as a triumph about human ordinal systems whose huge wording points, however, after the symbol of the transitoriness, to a Dekonstruktion of the concrete and employment of painting. The Verbildlichung of decay processes occurs at a formal level. Neither cutting nor perspective reveal a picture centre, in this picture space dominated by fiercely coloured vegetation formal relations originate between the single fragments relaxed from the context out. The high degree of Künstlichkeit explains itself by the absence of a natural source of light and strongly heruntergekühlten Colorit which provides the mood of a scenery illuminated with floodlight in level, very covering tones.Willem Julius Müller shows reality in contrasting color, empty spaces, abandoned architecture, fragmented, surreal, with iridescent luminosity. The destruction of the real, forgotten places and invented worlds.

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Paintings 50 x 40 x 4.5cm

1605,00 €

Paradise Lost

Paintings 50 x 40 x 4.5cm

1605,00 €


Berlin, Alt-Moabit 92

Junge Kunst Berlin shows a selection of up-and-coming young artists. In addition to the presentation on the website, Junge Kunst Berlin regularly shows temporary exhibitions with the artists of the gallery and integrates exciting guest artists. Prize-winning painting, excellent photograph and excellent etchings: Young art Berlin presents topical positions to...

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110 x 120.5 x 2 cm

2650,00 €

Falmingos #6


43 x 60 cm

1143,62 €