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Herbarium Ribwort Plantain


Dated Titled


25 x 20 cm
10 x 7.87 in





Etching on found Heliogravure

1991 Lublin, Poland

Wiktoria Wojciechowska is an artist working with photography, video, collage, sculpture and installation. Born in Lublin, Poland, in 1991. Based in Paris. 

Her practices are particularly focusing on observation and understanding of human lives and stories through the rules of society and history. The works are characterised by fragmented and non-linear narratives and aim to unveil the connection between the individual and its community. 

In 2015 she received the Oskar Barnack Leica Newcomer Award and got several prizes for her project Short Flashes. Between 2014 and 2016 she was working on Sparks - a portrait of the contemporary war in Ukraine. Sparks received several awards such as Lensculture Emerging Talent Awards, Prix pour la Photographie Fondation des Treilles, Discovery Award public prize and Madame Figaro Prize. Sparks has been featured in numerous exhibitions such as Les Rencontres d'Arles 2018, New Discovery Award, France; Jimei X Arles festival, Xiamen, China; Krakow Photomonth, Poland; Museum of Photography in Riga, Latvia. 

Her current projects explore the boundaries of the spiritual and the ritual, using different methods to bring the viewer, starting from a physical sensation, to a transcendental experience. Objects are made ‘'to be touched'', allowing visitors to perform their own ritual, which would heal them from their ''amnesia of nature.'' 

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Wroclaw, Rynek 27/28

KRUPA GALLERY is a recently established institution dedicated
to contemporary art. The gallery represents Polish artists of the young and middle generation on the art market. It also runs non-commercial art projects, including artist-in-residence programmes and themed international exhibitions. We work with artists in their creative process and support t...

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Untitled #9


45 x 40 cm




50 x 70 cm

1500,00 €