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Hidden Intentions



99 x 80 cm
39 x 31.50 in




Paintings , Drawings





Acrylic, gesso, soft pastels, oil pastels, oil sticks on canvas

, United States

Wei Tan’s (Tatawa) is a mixed-media artist currently based in Berlin. With a background in music composition, she completed her Master's degree in Music Technology at New York University. Her practise explores the idea of self-revelation through improvisation. The panting materials are cast onto the canvas and mixed together through spontaneous gesture. Influences of sights and sounds are exposed: the colour of an object, the shape of a distant hill, the voices in the background, the piano playing next door. Wei Tan’s commitment to authenticity results in an unique style. Drawing inspirations from the great Abstract Expressionists to today’s cross -disciplinary, multimedia artists, she has exhibited in New York, London, Barcelona, Florence and Berlin.



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London, 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden

ARTE GLOBALE, the gallery of the world, represents a hand-picked selection of international contemporary artists and provides a platform for collectors to discover, enjoy and acquire exceptional art. Showcasing both established and emerging artists, ARTE GLOBALE strictly researches aesthetically and conceptually valuable works that speak a global language. T...

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The Phenomenon


45 x 55 x 4 cm

2000,00 €