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Marlon Brandon, chez Hervé Mille, juin 1949


Single piece Signed Dated Titled


40 x 30 cm
15.75 x 12 in







Marlon Brandon, chez Hervé Mille, juin 1949

Numbered and signed by his daughter Serena Carone.

Silver print 30x40 cm

1920 Cannes, France

Carone is a French photojournalist, specializing in celebrity photography and having spent most of his career at Paris Match. He was also one of the founding members of Photo magazine.
His father is an Italian emigrant, a photographer specializing in weddings and banquets in Cannes. He started in photography as a photofilmer on La Croisette. Having transformed the trunk of his car into a mobile laboratory, he delivers his photographs faster than his competitors and in larger formats. In 1945, he went to Paris equipped with a Rolleiflex and a few reels of 6 x 6 film. Noticed by André Lacaze, head of information for the future Paris Match, he was hired in January 1949 for the first issue.

Since then he has produced major reports such as the series of Brigitte Bardot at the age of 18 on the roof of the building where she lives with her parents in Paris (1952) or in 1956 the marriage of Grace Kelly with Prince Rainier of Monaco. In 1956 he became head of the photo department of Paris Match and in 1972 he was appointed editorial director.
His approach to people, generosity, purity, fervor naturally generated this elegance that runs through all his images.

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Paris, 7 rue Taylor

In Paris, a stone's throw from the Place de la République, a new space dedicated to photography, the Atelier/Galerie Taylor, has opened at 7 rue Taylor. The two founding partners are the photographer José Nicolas, who manages the Atelier/Galerie, and Jean Vinégla, entrepreneur and collector, who provides friendly support. They wanted this atypical plac...

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