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Holding the Ocean


Signed Dated Titled


58 x 70 x 45 cm
23 x 27.56 x 17.72 in







Limited Edition (#1/10)

The boundlessness and depth of the ocean have always attracted people, like memories of a home. From the ocean arose the life on our planet and the ocean supports it even now. The ocean is an immense, cosmic force and its resources seem inexhaustible. Nevertheless, in the new millennium, people must learn new, careful relations with the Great Ocean since the humankind itself has become a cosmic force. Now these two forces must coexist in a balance for the sake of a mutually prosperous future.

In world mythologies, the water element has always been strongly associated with the female principle as a source of life and constant renewal, many water and sea goddesses inhabit the pantheons of the world. Therefore, in the representation of humankind as a force friendly and caring about the ocean a female image is perhaps the most natural. Metaphorically, the greatness of the ocean, its power, but also its friendliness towards people, is embodied in its greatest creatures - whales, who are real masters of the world ocean traveling thousands of kilometers in the blue abyss singing their songs. Combined, these two images create a powerful metaphor for mutual understanding and harmony, an unsteady, but necessary balance between humankind and nature. They are mutually equal: a woman, though delicate and fragile, holds the whole ocean effortlessly, and a huge whale seems to be weightless, like a light cloud. This is a perfect balance. Yet it also has the potential for movement, and this is an upward movement - to the sun, to a better future. The woman as if pushes the whale to flight, and now he is in the upper layers of water pierced with sunlight, sunshine shimmers on his mighty back, and soon he will fly into the air in a joyful leap that overcomes all the limitations and the gravity itself. This is a moment of pure joy. Both the human being and the ocean are happy.

1978 Lviv, Ukraine

Volodymyr Tsisaryk, 1978, is a Ukrainian sculptor. He studied Monumental and Decorative Sculpture as academic disciplines and earned a Master’s degree with honors.

In his sculptural practices, among other materials, he gives preference to bronze but also interacts confidently with aluminum, wood, and stone. The artist works and travels a lot, and with inspiration, this creative approach determines the balance of his art and the silent eloquence of his sculptures. His numerous art exhibitions took place in various locations across the globe for the past decades: Bucharest, Chéngdū, Dubai, Helsinki, Kyiv, Lviv.

Volodymyr explores people’s nature, capturing the concepts of power, fear, knowledge, longing, dependence, forgiveness, and pleasure. All the artworks are quite different in design, and it is such heterogeneous spatial formats that make it possible to create a gallery of human beings. Sculptural figures are ourselves, our emotions, thoughts, and risks.

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