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Tramonto I


Signed Dated Titled


35 x 50 cm
14 x 19.69 in







Rome, Italy


Born in Rome, he began to draw from childhood and then chose higher studies  at the First Art High School in Rome In Via Ripetta, graduating brillantly, mainly  following the masters Renzogallo and Bruno Conte. Thus he began to experiment  with themes and techniques. The first exibitions include Telethon 2002, Work In Progress a Via Margutta,  Premio Nazionale Roma Naturae 2003 (vincitore del Premio del Pubblico), Gran Premio Marco Aurelio, New Rinascimento Italiano,  Italy Award for the Visual Arts, Firenze (winner of the  Under 30 Award in 2005, 2006, 2007), Spoleto Festival Art (2014),  Exhibition Market in Budapest (2016),”In Fabrica", personal painting in White Cloud Studio, Rome (2017).Biennial of Contemporary Art, Viterbo (2018), curated by Apai Arte,Libertad Mi Frida, curated by Claudia Esposito, at the Sala Baldini, Rome (10/11/2019) and at Primo Piano Theatre, Rome (19/1/2020),   Tribute To Alda Merini, curated by Claudia Esposito, Spazio Caracciolo, Rome (14/12/2019);  #r_esistiamo, virtual group show, then real, curated by Penelope Filacchione - ArtSharing (april - september 2020);  L'UOMO COL NASO ALL'INSÙ, virtual collective exhibition curated by Cartoline Volanti (june 2020);  COEX 2020, virtual collective exhibition at Palazzo Ruspoli in Nemi, Rome, curated by Monica Bisin (september 2020).

In 2006 he was listed in the well-known "IL QUADRATO" in Milan.
Since 2008 he has been doing extemporanea during events, such as  the one at the Concerto di S. Stefano, at the Ara Coeli in 2009 in Rome  and the ones at the Celimontana Jazz Festival in 2010.
He is an illustrator for El Tanguero magazine, and since March 2012  for Virginia Barrett.
In 2014 he won the competition for Pink Floyd Theme Exhibition exposing the work "Astronomy Domine" in Venice.
He was a guest of the transmission TgDue Insieme as an extemporaneous  draftsman.  In 2015 he was a portraitist for the "Tango Cabaret" show by  Stefania Corradetti at the Salone Margherita in Rome. in 2016 Illustrates TANGO TEHERAN, a novel by Ermanno Felli,  and from 2017  he is a professor of painting at the UPTER.

In 2018 he teaches watercolor at the C.A.S.C.  in one Palace of Italian Bank, where he also exhibits some work for the personal “Antologicacinque".

 Also in 2018 he took part in the Rome Art Week event in Rome.

He currently lives and works in Rome.



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Rome, -

"A physical and mental place where artists can meet each other, where the public can meet artists… where one can talk about art without institutional cloaks and without constraints."...

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8.1 Red


80 x 100 x 4 cm

8500,00 €