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Femme araignée Discover the best available selection of bronze by the artist Valérie Hadida. Buy from art galleries around the world with Kooness! Kooness
9000 EUR

Femme araignée


Dated Titled



53 x 43 x 30 cm
20.87 x 17 x 11.81 in







Edition 3/8 + 4AP

1965 , France

Valerie Hadida’s sculptural practice takes the form of lanky, elegant women with immaculately coiffed curly hair captured in moments of serene contemplation. Hadida primarily crafts her “petites bonnes femmes,” as she calls them, out of bronze, which lends these figures a weighty monumentality in contrast to their playful, delicate structures that at times resemble the spindly creations of Alberto Giacometti. Her “little good women” are sometimes positioned in small groups, seemingly mid-chat. Hadida particularly focuses on teenagers and women in middle age, periods she finds to be artistically potent because of their implications of transition and change. Hadida has exhibited extensively in Paris and throughout France.

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Trio de coeur

Sculpture 42 x 56 x 30cm

12500,00 €

Petite Céleste

Sculpture 15 x 44 x 15cm

3900,00 €

Brindille, 1

Sculpture 11 x 23 x 5cm

1900,00 €

Petite Camille

Sculpture 13 x 43 x 12cm

4100,00 €

Femme Fleur

Sculpture 22 x 44 x 13cm

4900,00 €


Paris, 114 Boulevard Voltaire

Une approche d’esthète pour une sélection riche et exigeante d’oeuvres contemporaines et intemporelles Après plusieurs années passées dans la mythique rue de Verneuil au coeur de Saint-Germain-des-Près en France à Paris , GALRY continue son expansion et installe un nouvel espace GALRY en appartement pour une relation privilégiée et intime à l'...

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Camp Fire


130 x 112 cm