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2110 EUR

Green Flower


Single piece Signed Titled



120 x 170 cm
47.24 x 67 in







Technique: coffee, ink, pencil on canvas treated with natural elements.

1979 Rome, Italy

Valeria Patrizi was born in 1979 in Rome where she now lives and works. In 1999 she specialized in pictorial decoration at the Institute of Art "ISA Roma2" and in 2004 she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome (Nunzio Solendo chair of painting); after attending the “Facultad de Bellas Artes de Granada (Spain) for 6 months. Graduated from the School of Restoration San Giacomo of the Municipality of Rome, for years she has alternated her pictorial activity with that of restorer and decorator. After a long period of study of academic painting, she moved away from it, moving towards a new, more essential and original pictorial dimension; in her large canvases, often exhibited without frames as if they were large tapestries, she uses coffee, tea and bitumen seeking the balance of form through drawing and the study of anatomy. Many personal and collective exhibitions both in Italy and in Europe.


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Rome, Vicolo de' Bovari, 7

Gall'Art Roma, founded by Giovanna Gazzolo in 2010, is an established Contemporary Art Gallery representing well-known international artists, supporting at the same time the young talents. The Gallery, with its wide selection of works, has established itself for its artistic quality and diversity. The variety of artists represented offer a broad choice to w...

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Blicke 4


40 x 50 x 1.5 cm

654,50 €