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Prada n°VII


From the series Siracusana


30 x 30 x 4 cm
12 x 11.81 x 1.57 in







mixed media on canvas, collage,stamps, acrylics

1969 Massawa, Eritrea

Valeriangelini is a multidisciplinary artist specializing in site

specific installations and a variety of visual arts, including painting, sculpture, and photography. In 2023, Valeriangelini was selected to exhibit at the contemporary sculpture event at Villa Reale Monza and to create a site-specific project at Monza's Ospedale San Gerardo. Awarded in 2023 for the photographic project titled "BE LIVE/BELIEVE: The Beginning is an Act of Faith," promoted by Spazio Dima in Vimercate.In 2022, projects "Flying Above the Clouds" and "1992/2022" were chosen for a dual exhibition at Villa Cusani in Carate Brianza, inspired by Aby Warburg's "Mnemosyne, Memory of a Body" and promoted by FAI, focusing on the historical villas of Brianza. In 2021, a video installation titled "What is Above is Like What is Below" was

showcased at the Auditorium in Seregno. Collaborating with the independent artist collective Jam Factory, Valeriangelini presented a contemporary reinterpretation of Dante's work and participated in Paratissima Turin with the project "I.D Divine Identitas." The same year, for Pubblikart, a public art photographic project titled "Percepiti-onis" was proposed.Recent works reflect a commitment to themes involving the historical and cultural valorization of Milan and its province's hinterland. Addressing contemporary human conditions, environmental concerns, and the loss of historical roots, Valeriangelini's critical thinking aims to evoke individual responses through emotional experiences. The use of different materials and media captures a changing society's vision without losing its millennial heritage in the dimension of the metaverse. Born in Massawa to an Italo-Eritrean family, the artist's aesthetic and psychological responses stem from a personal refugee experience. Valeriangelini's work transcends personal experiences, delving into shared narratives, incorporating multiple perspectives as stories in a collective tale. Currently residing and working in Seregno, Brianza.

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