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Sculpture , Design


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  • About the work

The core of the art project is ten 12″ discs. Each one of them deconstructs the track by Dawid Bowie Space Oddity in a different way: melodies, harmonies, lyrics, structure and history are transformed into fascinating visual systems.

The instrumentation of Space Oddity is distinctive and complex. There are two string tracks, and two flutes (both in track C). Bowie’s 12-string acoustic guitar plays almost constantly, stopping only during the liftoff section (section 3). The song features two vintage synthesizers – a Mellotron and a Stylophone – whose breathy eccentricities give it a kind of broken-down, retro-futuristic sheen: ‘Here am I sitting in a tin can’.

Some of the song’s hallmarks are clearly visible, too. You can see the spoken countdown (‘ten, nine, eight…’) in the backing vocal (track B) in section 2 at around two o’clock on the record, the separate numbers marked with stars. The next section is the ‘liftoff’ interlude, where the string parts work up to a crescendo as the rocket takes off, before dropping right down again for the first verse: ‘This is Ground Control to Major Tom / You’re really made the grade’. You can also see Bowie’s distinctive handclaps in the two breaks at around six and nine o’clock, which we marked with two triangles.

A few studio sounds remain on the master tracks that were edited out of the final mix. ‘Very nice take that, really nice’ says producer Gus Dudgeon to Rick Wakeman at the end of the Mellotron track. And Bowie can be heard at the beginning of the lead vocal track making popping noises with his cheeks, faintly visible on our record.

The Book of Circle. Manuel Lima, Princeton Architectural Press

Data Visualisation: A Handbook for Data Driven Design. Andy Kirk, SAGE Publications.

Infographic Design in Media. Images Publishing Group

The Best American Infographics. Houghton Mifflin
Infographics — Designing & Visualizing Data. Sandu Publishing
Amazing Layout Design. Dopress Books

The Infographic History of the World. James Ball & Valentina D'Efilippo, HarperCollins Publishers

About the Artist

Vercelli, Italy

D'Efilippo is a London-based Information designer and the co-author of the award-winning book The Infographic History of the World and the infographic Poppy Field, which displays the wars of the last century, is part of the permanent collection of the Weltmuseum in Vienna.
Pursuing imaginative and compelling visual outcomes, often aimed to visualise data and distill complexity, her work takes many forms – from theatre production and exhibitions, to editorial content and interactive platforms.
Thanks to her work and research, she has been awarded several times at the international level and brings her experience in the field of education, collaborating with various universities and organizations such as The Guardian, for which she conducts Masterclasses.
Wild Mazzini has chosen Valentina D’Efilippo for the project Oddity Viz, awarded with silver in 2017 at the Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards, in the Arts category.

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About the Gallery


Turin, Via Mazzini 33

Wild Mazzini is an art gallery in Turin founded by Clement Adami, Federica Biasio and Davide Fuschi in 2018, with the aim of promoting artists who use information design languages and techniques to create pieces that generate a synthesis between complexity and creativity. The gallery collaborates with both emerging and well known artists, respecting their a...

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