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Chelsea Hotel - Leonard Cohen


45 x 40 cm
18 x 15.75 in






Acrylic on canvas

, United States

Tom Russell is a renowned musician and painter whose work reflects both a life as a world traveler and his years spent immersing himself in the culture of the desert Southwest. Born in Los Angeles in 1950, he graduated from the University of California with a Masters Degree in Criminology and taught school for a year in Nigeria during the Biafran War. He lived in Spain, then relocated to Vancouver, B.C. where he started at the bottom of the music business, playing in the strip bars along Skid Row. He has since lived in Austin, San Francisco, New York, El Paso, and Santa Fe.
 He now resides back in Texas.

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Milan, Via Solferino, 44

Galleria Antonio Colombo Arte Contemporanea was opened in Milan in 1998, concentrating on a selection of Italian artists having particular affinities with the tastes of its founder, Antonio Colombo. The exhibitions, in the early years, were mostly focused on young Italian talents. Some extemporaneous events had involved foreign artists and paintings. A...

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