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1750 EUR



Single piece Signed Dated Titled



2 x 40 x 30 cm
0.79 x 16 x 11.81 in







1979 Monza, Italy

After a degree in computer science, Stefano Bosis leaves the digital world to move first to England, where he approaches the theater, and then to Spain, where he learns street art. On his return to Italy he graduated as an actor of the commedia dell’arte and crossed Europe on a motorbike, settling in 2012 in Berlin where he won an artists' residence with a pictorial series on massification and nihilism. In 2014 he was invited for a residency in Colombia, where he will stay for a few years traveling between Mexico, Guatemala and Cuba.

He spends several periods living among the tribes of the Indians, particularly in the north of Colombia. He learned from them the conception of the artist as a shaman, the one who connects the world of men and the otherworldly world, a theory that in Western culture had found its greatest interpreter in Joseph Beuys. The artist has the role of exploring the forces of nature, and therefore of representing them in formal ways that are identified with a new possibility of viewing reality. The vision is no longer anthropocentric, but holistic: the world is an organic whole with its own sensitivity, a nature that is capable of communicating and transmitting information.

Shapes, colors and signs are all tools to express something immaterial and spiritual: emotions, sensations, energies and ideas. Bosis's painting becomes gestural, apparently irrational, and dominated by strong and bright colors.


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Paintings 2 x 30 x 24cm

1750,00 €


Paintings 2 x 30 x 24cm

1750,00 €


Paintings 3 x 40 x 30cm

1750,00 €


Paintings 90 x 120 x 3cm

5250,00 €


Milan, Via Filippo Turati 38

Federico Rui began working in a prestigious gallery in Milan in 1995, in 2002 he founded with a partner the Pittura Italiana Gallery, with which organizes more than fifty exhibitions (in gallery and outside), paying special attention to the promotion of young artists. In 2010 born Federico Rui Contemporary Art and in 2012 was inaugurated the space of Via Tur...

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Composition No. 163


106.68 x 71.12 x 5.08 cm

900,00 €

Dream Yellow (IV)


80 x 80 x 2 cm

1600,00 €

Fairy in the Flying Apsaras


68 x 68 x 0.1 cm

Seen on


40 x 50 cm

700,00 €