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The Dream Land 1


Dated Titled

From the series The Dream Land


75 x 50 cm
29.53 x 20 in






Photography , Multiples

Edition 1/5 + 2 AP’s

Every year many surveys by well-known publishing houses elect Sicily as the third most beautiful island in the world. In fact, due to the international political instability in recent times, tourist routes have changed in the last few years, pushing people to privilege other destinations now considered safer. First landing point for migrants in desperate research for survival but also a paradise for millions of tourists, an exotic escape within everyone’s reach, Sicily apparently seem to be the center of the world again. Anyway, for those who are born on this island, time passes too slowly, and people live as in a dream in which they are never truly protagonists, as they were imprisoned in an arcane, timeless and unchanging dimension, suspended between the desire to explore a world of infinite possibilities, going far away from the island, and a powerful energy that forces their existence deep inside this territory.

1982 Catania, Italy

Born in Catania in 1982, Stefania Di Filippo graduated in European Languages ​​and Cultures with a thesis in History of Contemporary Art thus reconciling her passion for studying linguistic and that for the language of art. She conceives photography as a means to investigate and document reality.

In 2011 he lives between London and Seville and starts producing his photographic projects. As of 2013 it has exhibited his works in numerous exhibitions at private galleries and public institutions in Italy and abroad.

In 2014 his "Cosmogony" was selected and exhibited within the eighth edition of the Photofestival in Milan. In the same year he obtained international recognition by winning third place at the Prix de la Photographie Paris, in the Fine Art Abstract category, and an honorable mention at the International Photography Awards.

In 2018, "What remains of the sea", a research work on plastic waste found during a three-year mapping of Sicilian beaches, was selected by the Malerba Fund for Photography and included in the FMF archive. He conceives photography as an instrument of choice to document contemporary reality and is developing a personal research on the still life photographic image and on the landscape. He currently lives and works in Italy.

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Catania, Via San Michele 28

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