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Oltre il Segno 4.24



70 x 50 cm
28 x 19.69 in







220g paper and acrylics

1969 Vimercate, Italy

Sonia Scaccabarozzi was born in Vimercate in1969, now lives and works in Merate in the province of Lecco. She attends the State Institute of Art in Monza, a school with a "magical" atmosphere; meeting AG Fronzoni and his vision are fundamental points to understand and grow. After finishing her studies, she collaborated as a graphic designer with the publishing house Electa, then with the magazine Cosmopolitan.
In 1996, she approached sculpture, clay conquered her, and she began working with it in a small studio directed by Monique Bousquet, a Canadian ceramist; the third dimension is fascinating and engaging. "Clay makes me feel good, it's as if my hands have known it forever." Wood also soon becomes one of his materials; he cuts it, smoothes it, juxtaposes sheets of different sizes and thicknesses; the idea is to give three-dimensionality to the sign; most of the works are graphic-three-dimensional and of strong chromatic impact; the TRAME series was born. From clay to wood and from wood to metal; in 2015 he learns to weld; recovers metal, joins it, bends it, transforms it into a story that speaks of what happens "around"; of encounters, of sky, of moon, of wind.

In 2019 she returns to work on textures that find identity not only with wood but also with paper and concrete, two opposing materials that allow her to play endlessly with different shapes, colors and thicknesses. In addition to having a graphic content, these works synthesize moments, changes, phases that leave a mark and lead to the search and discovery of new textures. "IN &Out" are works born in 2022, "Crossing the work," the color and the work itself change; fabric cores that open and close scanning a time, encompassing or instead returning unexpected vibrations; the perception of the work changes by shifting the point of observation, as well as for the series "Beyond the sign" made only with colored paper, sometimes painted, or with tracing paper, the sign is irrepressible and approaches the viewer through cuts and folds that determine rhythm and texture.

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