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Single piece Signed Dated Titled


147 x 73 cm
58 x 28.74 in







Technique: oil on canvas;

Year: 2018

The artist is well known and recognized in Latvia, internationally best known for her solo and group exhibitions in Austria and Germany. 2008 awarded “Painting of the Year” in a contest by “Swedbank” and “Agija Sūna Art Gallery”. 2010 - awarded quartier 21 scholarship to work at the Museums Quartier in Vienna. Artists’ works are exhibited in “Seywald” gallery in Salzburg and “Ulrike Hrobsky gallery” in Vienna. 2012 - nominated for the “Purvītis Award” for her exhibition “Facades and Structures” in “Riga Art Space”.

1971 Riga, Latvia

Sigita Daugule is a Latvian Postwar & Contemporary artist who was born in 1971;

The artist is well known and recognized in Latvia, internationally best known for her solo and group exhibitions in Austria and Germany.
In 1998 graduated from the Art Academy of Latvia with Masters degree in Art at the department of Monumental Painting, workshop of I. Zarins and A. Naumovs. 
1999-2000 awarded with “KulturKontakt” Austria scholarship to live and work in Vienna.

How to understand Sigita Daugule's work? At the cradle of her style (emerged in late 90s) there are significant memories of the expansion of modern art with its uprising against classical culture and against man as a whole mayor. The criteria of modernism are abstract concepts, abstract emotions, and the order set by chaos. Sigita Daugule's painting has closely merged with these criteria, but not only with them. It also merges with the dynamics of postmodernism – with those fragments of classics, larger or smaller, which floating slowly through the cultural space and spreading their energy, particularly tempting since the 70s. Postmodern situation determines the composite essence of Daugule's paintings – they contain both classical elements, such as color harmony, narrative and imaginative plots, and are modernistic, with typical too self-sufficient, too ambitious masses of colors and strokes, that create abstract dramas. Sigita Daugule paints as an agent of chaos theory, who provokes "deep" color dramas. And "deep" here must be understood literally, because it happens not like a cultural drama of color harmony that shakes taste, as it is, let’s say, in expressionism, but rather the chemical collisions of paint on canvas. Varnishes and solutions are applied on oil paints that converts them beyond recognition. It sounds and also resembles alchemy.

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Riga, Alksnaja street 7

Gallery BASTEJS, led by Baiba Morkane, focuses on Baltic contemporary art by artists – Henrijs Preiss, Peter Allik, Franceska Kirke, Ritums Ivanovs, Kristians Brekte, Sigita Daugule, Skuja Braden, Juris Utans, Helena Heinrihsone and Ivars Heinrihsons. The gallery works closely with its represented artists, providing artworks for private collections and ...

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Untitled (6522)


80 x 80 cm

1200,00 €