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H in rosso



80 x 60 cm
32 x 23.62 in







Mixed media on pvc

1939 Kibbutz Gan Shmuel, Israel

Shaul Knaz was born in 1939 in Kibbutz Gan Shmuel, Israel, where he has been living for all of his life, till 2022. Knaz describes his as a social art. Self-taught artist, formerly an illustrator and graphic designer, Knatz observes the situations in his country, in the kibbutz. He cares about the people desire, their quest for love, freedom, joy, peace. His works are saturated with signs and images; reading his opera is like scrolling through a text where the memories of his life and the territory that surrounds him emerge. Men and women are the absolute protagonists of his works which represent the human search for sociality together with the difficulty of sustaining relationships. Knaz exposes a personal vision of the reality that surrounds him, in a difficult country such as Israel, subjected to daily social and political tensions. The central theme of his work is the difficult relationship between people, the sense of alienation that opposes the individual with modern society that tends to suffocate his essence, his humanity. In his paintings, the subjects that make up the whole are randomly assembled, often repeated or overturned on a space that denies perspective.

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Milan, via Maroncelli 12

Since 2014, Maroncelli 12 gallery has been putting its passion at the service of creators off the beaten track, whether they are “classics” already consecrated by museums and collections or contemporary discoveries promised to the recognition of the art world. It specialized on self-taught art according to the Art Brut tradition and its development. Our ...

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