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Dated Titled


100 x 125 cm
39 x 49.21 in





Digital C-Print

1/3 (+ 1 AP)

1992 Zurich, Switzerland

Born 1992 in Zurich, is an architect and photographer. The image as a medium accom-
panied him constantly during his studies at the ETH Zurich and led to various pho-
tographic and artistic projects along the way. Over a period of more than four

years he photographed in the Val Lumnezia on the series "Mountains bleach". The
limitation to an analog medium format camera and a fixed focal length, as well as
the strict geographical perimeter, led to a sought-after narrowness and thus to a
more intense perception. The photographs show what would otherwise soon disappear.

As a silent observer, he dares to look reality in the eye for a fraction of a sec-
ond - the moment of taking the picture. Only when later viewing the respective fin-
ished picture is he forced anew to face these realities permanently. It often leads

to a shock about his sensitivity to his own pictures and how they came about in the
first place. The wanderings through his beloved valley follow the inner drive to
muster the courage to really look.
His paintings capture fleeting beauty in the imperfect and the good in the bleak.
He lives and works in Vella, Grisons.

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Baden, Bruggerstrasse 37

Galerie 94 is an art gallery with an emphasis on contemporary and classical photog- raphy, presenting national and international artists. Galerie 94 is located on the upper floor of the former shipping building of the Merker-Areal in the center of Baden (Switzerland). The founder of Galerie 94, Sascha Laue, already ran Photogalerie 94 in Ennetbaden fr...

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Cercles-Sistema infinit_05


52 x 70 cm