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Abyss I


Dated Titled


25 x 25 cm
9.84 x 10 in







Oil on cardboard

1977 Catania, Italy

Samantha Torrisi graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Catania in 2002. Lives and works in Sicily, at Mt. Etna’s slopes.

Her artistic research is based on the contamination between different expressive and communication media. In her works she reclaims, through painting, images derived from photography, cinema, from video clips and video games, television and personal video footage. Her paintings represents images of metropolitan life caught and fixed as frames. In her still-image tries to return to the viewer a vision of human existence in constant research, transformation, in relation to today’s society and Nature, with particular attention to environmental issues. She collaborated on several multidisciplinary projects and participated in numerous art fairs, group and solo exhibitions in Italy and abroad.
Recent solo exhibitions:
“Dell’infinito il nulla” curator Francesco Piazza, Giuseppe Veniero Project Contemporary Art Gallery, Palermo (2019); “Dalle parti di me” curator Ivan Quaroni, KōArt Gallery, Catania ITALY (2017).
Recent group exhibitions:
“Le Cento Sicilie” a project by Parco Archeologico Naxos Taormina, critical texts Ivan Quaroni – Palazzo Ciampoli, Taormina ITALY. “Double Canon” curator Francesco Piazza, with the support of the Italian Educational Institute of Athens – The Project Gallery, Athens GREECE; Palazzo Riso Contemporary Art Museum, Palermo ITALY (2021). “NOVECENTO from Pirandello to Guccione” curator Vittorio Sgarbi – Convitto delle Arti Museum, Noto ITALY (2020).

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Catania, Via San Michele 28

Not only a gallery but also a creative space that pulsates with the beating heart of Catania city and the young artistic milieu of Contemporary Art. The gallery opened in 2014 in Via San Michele thanks to the initiative of Art historian Aurelia Nicolosi, and it welcomes new generations of national as well international top-notch artists. Thanks to the pric...

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Rain 5


50 x 50 cm


Tous les Phenomene


47.2 x 178.5 x 0.1 cm



80 x 100 x 4 cm

3500,00 €