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200 x 140 cm
79 x 55.12 in







Ink-Jet print

Ed. 5 + 2 pa

1969 Milan, Italy

Ruggero Rosfer was born in Milan in 1969.

After graduating from art high school, he attended the School of Architecture at the Milan Polytechnic.

In 1996 he moved to London and began working as a fashion photographer, contributing to several English and Italian magazines.

In 2005 he is called as a set photographer on the set of "The Merchant of Venice," directed by Michael Radford, where he portrays Al Pacino, Jeremy Irons and Joseph Fiennes. The work is published exclusively by "Vanity Fair Italy." In the same year, he moved to Beijing, beginning a number of collaborations, including one with journalist Fabio Cavalera for some reportages published by "Corriere della Sera" and others with Chinese fashion publications, such as "Vogue," "L'Officiel" and "Marie Claire." He was also tasked with portraits of Chinese Olympic champions called to participate in the 2009 Beijing Olympics.

A robust partnership with Chinese artist Shaokun began in 2006, from which unique projects were born, in which Rosfer's refined photography blends perfectly with Shaokun's masterful painting and engraving. The works signed by the artist duo are presented as a world premiere in 2008 at Giancarlo Pedrazzini's Milan gallery Fabbrica Eos. At that time, Rosfer produced the social campaign for "Telefono Donna" against violence against women. Becoming the subject of a controversial debate because it was considered a provocative image, the campaign was censored by institutions, despite appreciation from the female public. The censored posters, numbered and signed by the artist, were later exhibited in the Fabbrica Eos gallery and the proceeds from the sales donated to the "Telefono Donna" Association, which had commissioned the campaign. The work entitled "Speechless" was created from the original photograph.

In 2012 he travels to India for a few months, where he photographs the country through its different social castes. The protagonists of the reportage are the families: from the noble ones of the Maharajas to the humblest ones of the untouchable community, to restore a vision of human dignity. In Jaipur, "Free to dream" was born, a work composed of photographs and a video installation that was shown in 2014 during the solo exhibition at Fabbrica Eos.

Over the years, he signs several successful advertising campaigns: in 2013 he created the beauty communication for Bionike Italia; since 2016 he has been working with the agency Sportwide for some social campaigns promoted by UNHCR - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, which involve as exceptional testimonials sports personalities such as Gianluca Vialli, Demetrio Albertini and many others.

Rosfer's multifaceted attitude brings him to move with his art from film to music. Often a director of commercials, he is also the author of the cover of the hit single "Generation," performed by singer Francesco Tricarico.

His latest work, "Renaissance," consisting of a series of 15 photographs and a sculpture, was created in Carrara, a land of quarries and workshops dedicated to marble working.

He currently lives and works in Milan.


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Fabbrica Eos was founded in Milan in the early 90s. Giancarlo Pedrazzini, after the experience in a well known gallery in Milan, undertakes the independent path in order to promote the artists at their debut guided by the instinctual theory of the importance of the "meeting" and by the belief that art achieve a mature stage thanks to the complicity and exch...

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