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Maternita 3


Single piece Signed


100 x 120 cm
39 x 47.24 in







Oil on canvas

1968 Catania, Italy

Rossella Genovese was born in 1968 in Catania (Sicily) in Italy.

In 1987 she received her degree from the Catania Art Institute (Istituto Statale d'Arte di Catania). She has been a decorator of house interiors.

In 1997 she received her diploma from the Catania Academy of Art and Restoration (Accademia di Belle Arti e Restauro).

Her painting professors were Franco Piruca and Alberto Abate.

Other professors: Antonio Brancato, Antonio Sciacca.

Since 1997 she creates and sells on order oil painting and etchings.

She currently lives and works in Montpellier (France).

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Madrid, C/ Martin de los Heros 74 – B

Galería Áurea was founded in January 2005 in Madrid by the painter Humanista Rodríguez Osado and Daniel Vázquez Redemi. Vázquez Redemi is currently the Director of the gallery. Galería Áurea specialises in Ibero-American, Contemporary and Emerging Art. The profile of GALERÍA ÁUREA is based mainly on the historical relationship of Ibero-American a...

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