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Single piece Signed Dated Titled Framed



90.5 x 118.5 x 5 cm
35.63 x 47 x 1.97 in







Medium(s): oil on canvas

Framed artwork: 90.5 x 118.5 x 5 cm / 98 x 126  x 5 cm with artist’s frame (simple painted wooden frame)

Bowes creates abstract paintings and objects drawing inspiration from his own experiences and reflections on society. The construction, deconstruction and reconstruction of studio materials are also core thoughts guiding his artistic process. 

Omagh, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

Ronan Bowes is an award-winning artist creating abstract paintings and objects. His current work is an amalgamation of constructed, deconstructed and reconstructed studio materials - pigments, canvas, wood, paper or unusual materials, in painted 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional handmade forms. The life, death and rebirth of these studio materials are core thoughts during his process. Creating art for him, began and continues as a symbolic resource where autobiographical elements, feelings, emotions as well as considerations about society find expression.

Bowes obtained a Frist Class Degree in Fine Art from John Moores Art School (Liverpool, UK) in 2008. Since his graduation he has worked both as an artist and curator in UK and abroad and has extensively exhibited in Northern Ireland, England, Australia and USA. Among others he showcased his work with the Delphian Gallery (London, UK), Boyle Arts Festival (Roscommon, Ireland), El Triunfo (New York, USA) and Saatchi Art online. After several years abroad, in 2019 he relocated in his hometown Omagh, Co. Tyrone N. Ireland.

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Belfast, Blick Studios, 51 Malone Road

Gallery 545 is a unique online and pop-up gallery specialising in contemporary art of Northern Ireland and offering a special selection of original artworks created by talented artists based here. The gallery celebrates the creativity of emerging and more established artists across the region and supports their practice providing a curated platform where ...

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