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Dinamismo Kromatico


90 x 190 cm
35 x 74.80 in






Resin and Acrylic on Canvas

1960 Monza, Italy

A versatile and dynamic artist, his works range fromaction painting to environmental installations to street art.
Roberto has always loved provocation... but always linked to a poetic impulse or the desire to arouse emotions and strong reactions in viewers. His urban art generates doubts, ignites debates, induces thoughts and reflections. With each of his installations, a kind of further performance is created consisting of the effects and reactions of the audience. His art triggers thoughts and seeks to improve the existential and social quality of the collective sphere by contributing to a widespread and public dimension of the artwork in direct connection with contemporary issues and problematic nodes. The artist's histrionic personality emerges with sincerity in his canvases, flows of pure color energy in a vivid and liquid nascent state, in the fantasy of his neo-Dadaist assemblages, but also in the irony of his more conceptual works. A personality in love with art and who wants to bring art into life, with ever new challenges and provocations that help to think

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If New York has the Moma, Monza has the mimumo MICROMUSEOMONZA. The mimumo is not found in just any place, but on the ground floor of the Casa della Luna Rossa via Lambro 1, one of the oldest houses in Monza, which overlooks the central Piazza Duomo. The intent of mimumo is to create a showcase where artists can exhibit works, installations, artist videos an...

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