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1100 EUR

Squillo di tromba


Single piece Titled Framed



40 x 60 cm
15.75 x 24 in







Materic oil and pure gold on canvas.

, United States

The shape is a temporary state of matter, a container that can be subjected to outside and inside modulations and breakdowns. Centrifugal and centripetal forces of natural and artificial mechanisms affect the form to make it coherent to its content and its container, “accommodating” it into the space and time condition of reality which registers genuine amorphous states as errors or alterations of the order. If the latter is initially a priority feature of the artifex culture that develops centuries of history with an art more beautiful than the natural state of the things, in the last two centuries of human creativity it is overwhelmed by the unavoidable return of the nature into the artificial human life revealing the biological shapeless base which every material hide.

This leads to the breaking with the fine art and stars the avant-garde wave that in the 1900s shook the aesthetic world up until the reset of the form in it. Meaningful is the Cubist study which introduces a geometrical fragmentation of things towards their true substance, as shown by the Gold Section of the Cubism, dedicated to the Golden Ratio which is the harmony of natural proportions. Just from Juan Gris, whose orphism brings colours, dynamism and simultaneity to the way of “cubisteurs”, begins his search for the aureus ratio the postcubist painter Roberto Re from Parma, a research that is based on scientific universal certainties.

This first one is the hydrogen spirit of the matter with the shapeless feature of water, always threatened by unexpected metamorphoses. Impatient but constant poet of his own feelings, Roberto Re finds his creative lymph in this amniotic fluid and his creative commitment in the arduous translation of the shape changing inner, intimate and sacred, and outward, public and profane. From the canvas asymmetrical but rhythmic pattern of colours and geometries emerges the overwhelming lightness of the matter, condemned to the never-ending life-death cycle. This existence precarious balance leads to the personal aesthetic language development that doesn’t search for facts but for a rhythmic matching with the eternal metamorphic energy of the universe.

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900,00 €

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1000,00 €


Bologna, Galleria Falcone e Borsellino 2 D

The Wikiarte Gallery of Deborah Petroni and Rubens Fogacci has two locations in the historic center of Bologna. The first in Galleria Falcone e Borsellino 2D, a few steps from Piazza Maggiore and behind the Lucio Dalla foundation, the second in Via San Felice 18 / A, 50 meters from the Palazzo Pallavicini museum, home to important international exhibitions....

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4000,00 €

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33000,00 €



100 x 60 x 2.5 cm

15600,00 €